Europe Unlocked welcomes today’s agreement by the 27 heads of state and government on a vision for restoring Europe’s economic fortunes. 

A prosperous and competitive Europe which performs better in terms of growth, productivity and innovation is exactly the future that the continent needs.   

“It is businesses that will deliver this success if the conditions in Europe are right and in that respect there is much that we can welcome in today’s Strategic Agenda,” said Kieran O’Keeffe, executive director of Europe Unlocked. 

A reduction in regulatory burden, leveraging the untapped potential of data, deepening the single market in services, reducing fragmentation in markets like telecoms, safeguarding open markets and finding new trading opportunities in third countries – these are all laudable goals.  

Importantly, the Strategic Agenda places the Single Market, our “greatest asset”, at the very heart of what a more competitive Europe should be. 

We also share the Council’s urgency to make the green and digital transitions a success. Investment is key to achieving these goals.  

“There can be no transition without business engagement. Securing investment has to be a multi-layered approach and while measures to ease access to finance are helpful, we need to focus political energy on ensuring that the business case for the private sector to invest in our future is compelling,” Mr O’Keeffe said, adding: “if we create strong and open markets in Europe then investment will flow,” he said. 

“The incoming Commission now needs to play its part in making this vision a reality,” Mr O’Keeffe said.    

Europe Unlocked is a coalition of organisations committed to making the case for a renewed focus on competitiveness and open markets under the next Commission.